Nasty Juice Review (Canada)

Hi Vapers,

Today we want to bring to light a new and quite phenomenal line of e-juice from Nasty Juice. They are literally taking the vape scene by storm at the moment with some of the most spot on flavours we have tried to date.

Here is a little bit of information about the company and what they are all about. They are from Malaysia. For some including us this is an immediate red flag. We have become accustomed to poor quality consumable products coming out of Asia and often immediately dismiss the quality of the product as sub-par or even dangerous. Not so quick though, Nasty Juice is one of the few e-juice manufacturers today that have TPD compliance (FDA but for the EU) and are held to some of the most extreme standards put out by the industry. So if you are questioning the origin of this product, don't. Some of the stuff you might be getting from your corner store is possibly not being moderated by any standards at all. So rest assured, the right people with the right tools have accredited this brand with the toughest seal of approval to date.

The entire line up of Nasty Juice is fruit with low mint. This makes it less minty but more refreshing than anything and the flavours took Asia by storm. It is currently the best selling line in Asia and quickly gaining serious traction on the global scene. The flavourings used to make the juice are obviously proprietary but we gotta say, they are like nothing else. Absolutely spot on to your favourite fruit. We have a hunch they might be organically extracting the flavour for their blends because nothing else tastes this realistic. If you smell Cush Man (Mango Flavour) from the tin can it comes in, it smells like a super ripe mango you had sitting on the counter for a few days and it got nice and soft, bursting with juice and aroma. It is really like no other mango flavour on the market today and is absolutely remarkable. It is no surprise that this flavour is also their best seller right now.

Here is a list of their flavours:

Cush Man: Out of this world Mango with low mint. A must try.

Green Ape: Flavourful Apple with just the right amount of sweetness and a hint of tanginess.

ASAP Grape: A black grape combined with ripe berry and other fruits. No harshness that is associated with a lot of other grape e-juice. If you had bad luck with grape before we recommend trying this one. It will blow your socks off.

Wicked Haze: A perfectly blended mix of Blackcurrant and Lemonade. You get blackcurrant on the inhale and lemonade on the exhale. Quite a heavenly blend.

Bad Blood: A straight Blackcurrant mixed with low mint. A very refreshing flavour that held the best seller status for the longest time until the release of Cush Man.


Slow Blow: A mix of Pineapple and Lime Soda. This one has more mint than the other flavours. We left this one for last for a reason. In our humble opinion, this flavour should have never made the cut. The only flavour from the line up that we or our customers do not enjoy. The mix here is hard to describe but it is not in line with the description at all. When we vape it we don't get any pineapple from it or lime soda for that matter. Just a strange mix of something with mint.

Slow Blow, is definitely the only flavour in the line up that is sub-par.

Overall, Nasty Juice is an up and coming heavy hitter in the industry that is quickly establishing itself through some of the crispest flavours around today.

Grab a bottle of our top pick, Cush Man at Millhouse Vapour Boutique today and indulge in the best mango flavour with low mint currently around.



Millhouse Vapour Boutique

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